John Cook—Fanfare.  5:23.  Scott Montgomery on the Mander organ at Peachtree United Methodist Church, Atlanta, GA.  Pro Organo CD 7224.

Jean Langlais—Suite Brève: I. Grands Jeux; II. Cantilène; III. Plainte; IV Dialogue sur les mixtures.  16:13.  Kevin Bowyer on the Casavant organ at Jack Singer Concert Hall, Calgary, Canada.  Nimbus CD 5408. 

Joseph Bonnet—Variations de Concert, Op. 1.  8:01.  David Heller on the Rosales organ at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Portland, OR.  Pro Organo CD 7197.

William Albright—Movement from Organbook III: I. Jig for the Feet (Totentanz); II. Nocturne; III. Finale—The Offering.  8:05.  See #3.

Dan Locklair—Rubrics: A Liturgical Suite for Organ.  I. “…’Halleluja,’ has been restored…”; II. “Silence may be kept.” III. “…and thanksgivings may follow.”; IV. “The peace may be exchanged.”; IV. “The people respond—Amen!”  13:10.  Marilyn Keiser on the Visser-Rowland organ at First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, CT.  Pro Organo CD 7025. 

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