Marcel Dupré—Symphony in g minor for Organ and Orchestra, Op. 25: 1. Modérement lent – Allegro; II. Scherzo (Vivace); III. Adagio (Lent); Final (Animé). 30:29.  The Zurich Symphony Orchestra, dir. Daniel Schweizer.  Ulrich Meldau on the Kuhn organ at the Church of Enge, Zurich, Switzerland.  Motette CD 40111.


Leo Sowerby—Festival Musick (1953): I. Fanfare (Boldly); II. Chorale (Quietly); III. Toccata on “AGO” (With Verve).  21:14.  David Mulbury on the Aeolian-Skinner organ at St. Bartholomew’s Church, Park Avenue, New York City.  The Fairfield Orchestra, John Welsh, dir.  Naxos CD 8.559028.


Leo Sowerby—Pageant (1931) (Excerpt).  David Craighead, organ.  See #2.

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