Russell Pascoe—Truro Evening Service.  7:47.  The Choir of Truro Cathedral, Cornwall, England, Christopher Gray, dir.  Luke Bond on the Fr. Willis organ.  Regent CD 422.


Charles V. Stanford—Evening Service in G, Op. 81.  8:28.  The Choir of St. John’s College Cambridge, Christopher Robinson, dir.  Christopher Whitton, organ.  Naxos CD 8.555794.


George Dyson—Evening Service in D.  8:03.  The Choir of St. Paul’s Cathedral London, John Scott, dir.  Christopher Dearnley, organ.  Hyperion CD 66305.


Herbert Howells—Collegium Regale.  8:52.  The Collegiate Singers, Andrew Millinger, dir.  Richard Morehousem on the organ at Marlborough College Chapel.  Priory CD 745.


Sarah MacDonald—Evening Service in A-flat.  6:17.  The Ely Cathedral Girls’ Choir, Sarah MacDonald, dir.  Alexander Berry on the Harrison and Harrison organ at Ely Cathedral.  Regent CD 477.


Wayne Marshall—Evening Service in C.  7:19.  See #5.


William Harris—Evening Service in D.  5:53.  See #5.

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