Marcel Dupré—Prelude and Fugue in B Major, Op. 7, No. 1.  6:31.  Marilyn Keiser on the Holtkamp organ at Sweeney Chapel, Indianapolis, IN.  Gothic CD 49037. 


Dan Locklair—Rubrics, A Liturgical Suite for Organ: I. “…’Halleluja,’ has been restored…”; II. “Silence may be kept.”  III. “…and thanksgivings may follow.”; IV. “The peace may be exchanged.”; V. “The people respond—Amen!.”  13:10.  Marilyn Keiser on the Visser-Rowland organ at First Presbyterian Church, Stamford, CT.  Pro Organo CD 7025.


W.A. Mozart—Church Sonata No. 15 in C for Organ and Strings, K. 336.  5:02.  The Ciompi String Quartet.  Marilyn Keiser on the Casavant organ at First Baptist Church, Mount Gilead, NC.  Pro Organo CD 7143.


Leo Sowerby—Requiescat in Pace.  8:54.  See #2. 


Olivier Messaiaen—Apparition de l’Église Éternelle (Vision of the Eternal Church).  6:56.  See #1.


Louis Vierne—Impromptu from Pièces de Fantaisie, Op. 54.  2:59.  See #1.


Henri Mulet—Carillon-Sortie.  5:21.  See #3.

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