n.b.: All selections taken from A Mystic in the Making.  Gail Archer on the Aeolian-Skinner organ at St. Paul’s Chapel, Columbia University, New York City.  Meyer Medi CD 07007.


Olivier Messiaen—Les Corps Glorieux (1939): Seven Brief Visions of the Life of the Resurrected.  I. Refinement of the Heavenly Bodies (4:57);  II. The Waters of Grace (2:41);  III. The Angels with the Incense (7:46); IV. The Combat of Life and Death (13:39); V. Strength and Agility of the Heavenly Bodies (3:28); VI. Joy and Brightness of the Heavenly Bodies (6:25); VII. The Mystery of the Holy Trinity (6:50). 


Olivier Messiaen—Outbursts of Joy from a Soul before the Glory of Christ which is its Own Glory from L’Ascension (1933).  4:49. 

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