Jean Langlais—Eight Songs of Brittany: I. Paradise; II. Let Us Say the Rosary; III. Angelus; IV. Noël Breton; V. Jesus, My Blessed Savior; VI. Jesus Tells Us to Pray; VII. To the Lillies with Their Silvery Leaves; VIII. Think of Eternity.  25.21.  Jean Langlais on the organ at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris.  Solstice CD 165.

Jean Langlais—Symphony No. 3: I. Introduction; II. Cantabile; III. Intermezzo; IV. A Sunday Morning in New York City; V. Storm.  28:49.  Marie-Louise Langlais on the Birouste organ at the church of Sainte-Vincent, Roquevaire, France (south of France on the Mediterranean, about 30 mins. from Marseille).  Festivo CD 164. 

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