Tell us about yourselves!

We’ve been in Austin for over 10 years. We originally moved from Chicago for Scott to get his PhD in Architectural History at UT.  We founded Astor & Longwood — a residential brokerage and architecture consultancy — 4 years ago and have thoroughly enjoyed helping our clients in the exciting and dynamic Austin market. We couldn’t have chosen a better community in which to start our business!  Of course, we tell all our clients to download the KMFA app and get listening!

How long have you been KMFA members and how did you start listening?

We’ve been members for only a few years but confess to having been listeners for a lot longer.  We finally came to the realization that if we listen to KMFA and enjoy it so much, we must support the station, too.  And guess what?  It’s a real, true, and rewarding pleasure to provide our support!

What is your favorite program to listen to on KMFA? 

We’re morning and early afternoon people, so we really enjoy Emilio’s Breakfast Blend and Dianne’s Midday Oasis.

What is one of your all-time favorite pieces of music and why?

Scott: Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade.  It was one of my Dad’s favorites, so I grew up with it and fell in love with it, too! I’ve seen the ballet and, for good measure, read One Thousand and One Nights to get the whole story. 

Bill: Ravel’s “Miroirs Suite.” I remember first hearing this piece when my father brought an LP home from the local record store in Ann Arbor in the 1970s. I instantly found this piece irresistible with its watery and rhythmic elements. It still offers a magical escape every time I hear it.

Why do you choose to support KMFA? 

It is so worthwhile. The programming is excellent, there are no ads, the app allows you to listen to KMFA anywhere in the world (we enjoyed listening on a recent trip to France!), the hosts—no matter the program—are so wonderful to hear, the events at the Draylen Mason are incredibly special, and the staff is so helpful and friendly. We also enjoy the absence of politics in a world that is so swamped in divisiveness right now.  At KMFA, we are immersed in beautiful music only—a reminder of how lovely life really is.