We're spending some time with two 16th century composers from the Low Countries who made it big in Italy: Adrian Willaert and Cipriano de Rore. We'll hear both sacred and secular music, with performances by Blue Heron and Dionysos Now.

  • Adrian Willaert- Tristis est anima mea- Dionysos Now          
  • Adrian Willaert- Dulces exuviae- Dionysos Now        
  • Adrian Willaert- Verbum bonum et suave- Cinquecento            
  • Adrian Willaert- Quid non ebrietas- Cinquecento            
  • Adrian Willaert- Ricercare a tre voci- Sofie vanden Eynde, Floris de Rycker, Hannelore de Vaere
  • Adrian Willaert- Laus tibi sacra rubens- Cinquecento      
  • Cipriano de Rore- Chi vol veder- Blue Heron     
  • Cipriano de Rore- Amor, che vedi ogni- Blue Heron      
  • Cipriano de Rore- Mon petit cueur- Vox Luminis 
  • Cipriano de Rore- Ancor che col partire- Vox Luminis            
  • De Rore/Bassano- Io canterei d’amore- Jean Tubery, cornetto          
  • De Rore/Cabezon- Ancor che col partire- Marie Bournisien, harp    
  • Adrian Willaert- O socii…durate- Huelgas Ensemble
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