Kids on Key is a new initiative aimed at fostering stronger connections between KMFA listener-contributors, local music educators, and students in Central Texas. The program will enhance music education in schools by connecting music teachers to free classroom resources during KMFA's fund drives! By selecting a “Kids on Key” resource package as a thank-you gift during KMFA membership drives, KMFA listener-contributors will support not only the growth of classical music in Central Texas but also the enrichment of the educational experiences of young learners.

KMFA's Kids on Key program provides resources to music classrooms in school disctricts around Central Texas! Click on the button below and choose what instruments you would like to receive from KMFA. When a Kids on Key donation is made during KMFA's fund drive, a gift of resources will be unlocked and sent directly to your school at no cost to you.

Some of the resource packages available include:

Resources are free and available to schools in Central Texas. All educators are welcome to apply!

To place your school or classroom in the Kids on Key queue, please click the button below to complete and submit the application form to place a resource request.


If you are an educator and have additional questions about how to benefit from Kids on Key, contact Guillermo Delgado, Manager of Education & Outreach at kidsonkey@kmfa.org.  

To give a gift of resources to a local classroom, please click below and select “Kids on Key” as your thank you gift:   


To learn more about how to support Kids on Key, contact Virginia Alvarez, Director of Development at valvarez@kmfa.org or 512-615-6902.