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In the next world, I shan't be doing music. I shall be being it.

                                                            — Ralph Vaughan Williams


I thought of Vaughan Williams’ wonderful quotation the instant I heard that Margaret Perry had died.  It makes me smile, to think of Margaret now, just being the music. 

KMFA and all of Austin lost a glorious friend last week with the death of Margaret Perry from pancreatic cancer. She was founder and director of the Armstrong Community Music School, a place of such love, such belief in the joy and power of music that it could not help but spill out into the entire community.

Margaret and her remarkable team created music classes for every age and ability, but that’s just the beginning. A guitar program for veterans builds community through the healing power of music. Free enrichment programs brighten the lives of mothers and children at SAFE Alliance and the Todos Juntos Learning Center. There are classes for the Travis High School Child Development Center, music lessons for visually impaired children, and We Are The Chorus, a singing ensemble for adults with developmental disabilities. 

Margaret was a favorite guest on KMFA and a beloved member of its Community Advisory Board. We are honored to be a media sponsor of her school’s activities. We will remember her shining spirit with love and gratitude.